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The very firsts Princess Bubblegum & Twilight Sparkle we ever made.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

These were the firsts (kind of) plushies? (toys, dolls, idk) we ever made. These were presents for me (Piter) from my girlfriend and co-owner of Gatico gomelo (Erika). Even though they were made out of fabric we (Erika) already had, I think the colours were quite good. By the way, have you seen the final episode of Adventure Time? It was so good, I cry a little. And that song (Time Adventure)! OMG It is just soo good. But I digress, these plushies are just great and we love them very much.

Like many things (ideas) we have started (had). Having made these plushies we saw we could make them in return of money (). We made a few, but we would found out it was not how we wanted things to work (The story of our lives *Gatico). It was to much work for something we wanted but not really, the point is, like everything we make we enjoy doing it, the drawings, the songs, etc, but when it's time to make many of the same thing we just hate it. That's why the sticker business is strong in us, but we are not in the place where need to be for it.

Some may wonder why post this bad quality pictures, well first of all we are lazy af and we found them charming, we will made some new ones in the future. We can, these plushies were for us, unlike other ones we will post later, so we have some fun ideas for these two (like stupid videos and such).

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