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Saturday, December 8, 2018

So.. it goes something like this:

Thanks to these drawings we can tell how long has it been since we started doing computer drawings (we started doing the other stuff - paper drawings, plushies, all kind of accessories, music- way earlier, but this is like a good point to put ourselves into and look back), anyways.. this is not an exact representation of our timeline, but lets pretend.

There are tree xmas represented here (go to the last drawing of this page for the oldest one), even though we tend not to use excuses for drawing (like challenges, inktober, seasons and stuff), we had used christmas, I guess how could we resist, it is just such a great time.

Above is a digital version of the only drawing for the first xmas (lets call it that way). Next are xmas drawings we made the third (the third is like the last December) one (it is complicated and dumb, but so are we).

Just for the funcies (I'm pretty sure that is not a word), below are four drawings Erika drew and coloured, like last year I guess. Next, are four similar ones she drew two years ago but that time I (Piter) coloured.

Yeah, pretty fun.

These are the ones I (Piter) coloured. You can tell how wrong they are.

These are bad cut(ed)? stickers we made last year (and an overexposed photo too!).

This is just a great cat. I personally love it. It is quite simple, but just perfect. There is not that much to say about these drawings, they are just that, so don't expect too much good commentary.

Next is an xmas song we re-made, it is "Feliz Navidad" by Jose Feliciano, we don't have any rights to it so it is only on youtube, and we made a ringtone (click that previous word or go to the downloads page). Virtual cats sing the song, so yeah..

Computer Wallpapers (click to download) [or go to the downloads page]

Brand new mobile wallpaper for 1080p phones

The first ever xmas drawing.